Easier air quality care, Start with PiCOHOME!​



PiCOHOME B2B API is a service that analyzes and provide air quality data collected by PiCOHOME sensors in indoor spaces such as hospitals and factories so that companies can utilize them for each business purpose.


Based on the data received, the companies can implement countermeasures that match the air quality to provide an optimal environment for customers and employees.

  • Reduce smart sensor : Reduce smart sensor development costs and shorten target service development time.

  • Customized services : Provides data collected by customized smart sensors to support customer-required protocols, data types and forms, and security.

  • Experience and Technology : Possess experience in developing data monitoring solutions optimized for diverse customer(Hospital, Research Institute and Healthcare companies etc.) needs and technical skills.

  • Highest level of accuracy : Guarantee high data accuracy by utilizing self-developed correction algorithms and sensors certified by each country's institutions.


It is essential to enterprises and facilities that always provide a pleasant environment. It is very good for use in hospitals/care facilities, factories, schools, etc.

  • Large Hospital (K University Hospital): PiCOHOME is utilized as a wearable form for a project to assess the risk of air quality related to children's asthma patients. Real-time collection, processing and analysis of air quality data using sensors to identify factors that worsen patient conditions and use them for medical tasks that require precise prediction.

  • Institute (S Uni.‘s annex Research Institute): PiCOHOME sensors are installed in various test spaces as a part of public health research for healthy air quality management. Analyze air quality data collected by sensors to provide services to users through self-developed public health and welfare applications.


Educational Support

  • Provides API integrated ∙ development SDK and manuals.

  • Assign dedicated technical support manager by customer.

  • 24-hour chat and email service support.

  • Provides video & voice technical support for API.