Bluetooth connecting

When using the Bluetooth connection, you can check the air quality immediately. However, various service contents will not be provided.

! Do not use the pairing.

1. [PiCOHOME device] Bluetooth mode

2. Check your 'Bluetooth ON' on your smartphone.

3. [App] 'Bluetooth' button click! 

4. Connecting

5. Check the air quality.

Wi-Fi setting

When using Wi-Fi, you can check  the air quality at the location where PiCOHOME is installed in real-time and receive various service contents, such as historical data and guide tips. 

! Only use the 2.4 GHz. Do not use the 5 GHz.

! If you already set the PiCOHOME via Wi-Fi, don't need to use 'Bluetooth mode'.

  Just turn on your PiCOHOME. 

1. [PiCOHOME device] Bluetooth mode

2. [App] 'Wi-Fi' button click! 

3. Find PiCOHOME via bluetooth

4. Find Wi-Fi network

5. Select Wi-Fi network

6. Enter a password

7. Connecting (about 20seconds)

8. Set up a name of PiCOHOME and a place
9. Check the air quality.

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