Out of the 2.12 million South Korean patients with asthma, the children and teens with their quality of life in danger take up roughly 470 thousand. Asthma developed during childhood may be treated with appropriate care and treatments.  

However, missing the right time to treat it may extend the illness onto adulthood as a chronic disease. So, one must pay caution to childhood asthma treatment and care.

Dorazee is a digital therapeutics that helps easily and consistently manage asthma exacerbation triggers, taking medications, symptom logs, online community, etc. which are often hard for kids to do themselves. 

Also, the status of the respiratory system and living environments of kids can be constantly monitored and analyzed by utilizing the environment sensor and the patch-type respiration sensor. Additionally, the pediatrician may take this data as a precision medical reference as well.

Create better asthma care through day-to-day management & various data

Exacerbation Trigger Management
Helps avoid, eliminate, and prevent the patient’s trigger of allergies by monitoring the patient’s environmental data (temperature, humidity, air quality, pollen, mite, mold, pet, etc.). 

Education & Management on Taking Medications 
Educates children on asthma medications and the right way to take them, in easy ways to improve drug compliance and minimize side effects.

Day-to-day Management
Asthma is a chronic disease that requires constant management. In order for the patient to independently manage their own asthma, it helps with digital-based symptom logs and respiratory system health management in daily life.

Environment &
Breathing Data

Monitors the environment & breathing levels through the environmental sensor and the breathing sensor 

Medication Alarm
Sets medications, alarms, and manage to help consistently manage asthma 

Symptom Log & Education
Logs symptom and cause to analyze patient’s exacerbation triggers and provides educational content for asthma.