Q. Where is PiCOHOME developed and manufactured?

A. PiCOHOME is designed and produced in Seoul, the Republic of Korea.



Q. Does PiCOHOME requires an external power supply to operate?

A. Yes. PiCOHOME does not have an internal battery, so it needs to be plugged onto a smartphone, an external battery, or via a USB-C cable.



Q. Can a PiCO device be connected to many smartphones at the same time?

A. No. A PiCOHOME can only be connected to one smartphone at a time. However, you can register other users on the same PiCO mobile app and check what PiCOHOME is picking up in real-time from anywhere.


Q. Can I use PiCOHOME mobile app without a PiCOHOME device?

A. Yes. With the mobile app alone, you can still check the outdoor air quality, weather information, weather forecasts, and other environmental information.


Q. Can I use PiCOHOME App and device anywhere in the world?

A. Yes. PiCOHOME connects to satellites and weather stations all over the world. This gives you the power and convenience to check out the real-time air quality and other environmental information anywhere in the world.


Q. Can PiCOHOME still monitor the air quality if Bluetooth or Wi-Fi stops working?

A. Yes. The sensor still works even if the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is disconnected, but it must be after the phone has been connected to PiCOHOME for the first time. You can check the level of air quality through the colors of the LED on either side of the device. PiCOHOME stores the historical data for 1 month.


Q: What’s the sensor’s approximate lifespan and should it be replaced periodically?

A. As long as PiCOHOME is not exposed to extreme conditions, the sensor’s performance can last up to 5 years. Therefore, it’s not necessary to replace the sensors periodically within the product’s lifespan.

Q. Why are the PM 2.5/10 levels monitored by PiCOHOME different from other internet service providers?

A. PiCOHOME measures the specific real-time air quality of the user’s actual location rather than the combined average. So, the levels may differ from the data provided by governmental institutions or companies in many countries.


Q. Can I use the information from PiCOHOME to interpret in a medical way?

A. No. the PiCOHOME App and Alexa offer air quality information and recommendations, but it is NOT a medical device. The PiCOHOME device and mobile app is NOT intended to be used as a source of medical advice. You should always consult medical professionals to provide specific guidance in evaluating your medical needs.


Q. How often is the PiCOHOME mobile app upgraded?

A. The PiCOHOME mobile app is upgraded continuously in order to maintain accuracy and enhance the user experience and usability.


Q. Where do the outdoor air quality and other environmental information like UV come from?

A. This information comes from governmental institutions such as the Korea Environment Corporation, from global big-data service providers.


Q. Can I use another USB cable other than the one provided in the box?

A. Yes. PiCOHOME can be powered through other cables via a plug. But it can only be connected via phone using cables we provide.


Q. I am using a phone that is not supported by OTG. Can I still use PiCOHOME?

A. You can still power your PiCOHOME with an external battery/power bank, or with an adapter with a 1A to Type-C connection.