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​PiCO Home's new mobile app is coming in September

We are delighted to announce that PiCO Home's brand-new mobile app will launch in September.

The new app will be a reflection of your feedback, and you will be able to find out about the air around you with only a few clicks.

On the new app, you will be able to easily explore all the air quality metrics, as well as options to view historical data. With its polished new design and functionality, you can make the most of a whole host of benefits, includin

g easier connection to PiCO Home and Amazon Alexa.

The mobile app has been entirely re-designed with the user in mind – content is interactive and pages are easy to navigate. Compared to our previous version, this app will make connecting PiCO Home to Wi-Fi much more simple, streamlined, and easy. It will also let you connect to Alexa in-app, giving you a fun, interactive way to monitor your air. Devices can easily be added, edited, and deleted depending on your preferences.

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We cannot wait to welcome you to the new app. Stay tuned!